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This is a really interesting article. A case of damning with faint 
praise where the Miyazaki movie is concerned, I thought. Is anyone else 
surprised to learn that "Black Maria is a far more layered and complex 
story than Howl’s Moving Castle"? I haven't read it for yonks, but I'm 
going to have another look at it now. (It's never come that high on the 
re-read list for some reason. Is it her nastiest book, or is that place 
reserved for TOTG?)

I like what she says about Miyazaki having his cake and eating it where 
war is concerned. I sat through his Castle in the Sky recently, and 
found all the beautifully-rendered mayhem and destruction a bit too 
much. DWJ's remarks remind me of the way Kitt (or is it Blade?) feels 
about his first battle - that's the place that she manages to have her 
cake and eat it, but she nails the ambivalence much more effectively. 
Perhaps because you can show the inner life of a character properly in 

I hope no-one ever decides to film Dark Lord.


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> Hi all, Stella Paskins told me about this interesting article by Diana
> http://fifthestate.co.uk/2007/11/from-book-to-ballet/
> best wishes, Meredith
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