[DWJ] Northern Lights movie- very slight spoilers

liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Thu Dec 13 11:57:09 EST 2007

Kyla wrote: 
> You know, although I went through a brief period of feeling stupid because I didn't think that actual God had been killed in the books (I thought it 
> was whoever had usurped God's place), I'm back to my original opinion: I 
> don't care what Pullman said he was doing, I think the trilogy isn't 
> anti-God or anti-religion, it's anti-religious establishment. Which, yes, 
> some people may take as being anti-religion, but, well, I didn't.
Very interesting, Kyla: I thought the same at first and I tend to the same reading. Maybe it's a matter of preconception...

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