[DWJ] Northern Lights movie- very slight spoilers

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Thu Dec 13 10:07:08 EST 2007

On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 23:14:00 -0500 (EST), deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:

>Not allowed: discussions of whether Satanism or Christianity or
>athieism are immoral/illegal/fattening. (Eg. "Melissa, you're a
>Mormon and that makes you smell!" "Yeah, well, Deborah, you're an
>athiest and that makes *you* smell!")

Obviously ridiculous.  *I* smell because I don't bathe.  *You* smell because
you live in Massachusetts.

There's something about this time of year that brings out the crazy in me...

Melissa Proffitt

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