[DWJ] Northern Lights movie- very slight spoilers

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Thu Dec 13 09:18:25 EST 2007

Robyn said:
> I do NOT get how someone who is so influenced by Blake and Milton is described 
> as being not religious, or not aware, or whatever it is.

And Minnow wrote:
> It feels more like
> betrayed-by-the-loved-object than anything else,  anyway.

That is exactly how I feel.

You know how Blake said, "Milton was of the Devil's camp without
knowing it"? In my house, we say, "Pullman is of God's camp
without knowing it". It been doing a fairly close reading of the
trilogy, lately, for a book project I'm working on, and I keep
getting incredibly frustrated with how subversive the trilogy
*isn't*. (Which is fine in most books -- I love Narnia, and
Narnia isn't subversive, either, at least not in that way -- but
Pullman so clearly thinks his books are subversive that it kind
of breaks my heart how much they aren't.)

There's a lot of ways in which he is very supportive of the
status quo. Sure, he kills God, but the *system* (of innocence
and experience, of experience through sex, of *angels*) remains
in place. I like to describe him as a kind of Taoist Anglican. He
doesn't get rid of the basic Anglican Lewisian structure of the
universe, he just places its authority in the lacking-in-intent
power of Dust rather than in a single old man.

"I don't want to know what the structuralists think!  I want to
know what you think!"  -- Archer's Goon, Diana Wynne Jones

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