[DWJ] Northern Lights movie- very slight spoilers

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 12 20:24:31 EST 2007

Minnow said 

So you can tell me, in an informed way and to a disinterested party:
it denigrate the Roman Catholic Church, or whatever it is that people
been trying to raise a fuss about?  Or is it merely  that it is opposed
an organised religion, and some part of the RCC has decided to assume
are the ones being got at?  I admit it's  a long time since I read the
first book (like, when it came out whenever that was) but my feeling was
that the opposition in it was more to  religiosity than to religion: he
more heated later on.

I dunno if that's against list policy though: Deborah?  I'm not having
asking for any sort of discussion about religion here, I just wondered
whether such discussion were justified by the film -- not one here, but
elsewhere, as it were.

(I'd expect it to be the CSLewis religiosityites that got upset, judging
Pullman's comments on CSL, really.)

I love the Narnia books, and I really enjoyed the Dark Materials trilogy
(though I liked the first 2 books better than the 3rd one). But reading
interviews with PP, I felt that he was saying it's not possible to like
them both; either you love CSL and hate Pullman, (in which case you're
in error) or you love PP and agree with him that CSL is horrible and
wrong and should be illegal. Fortunately I can enjoy the books and
ignore the author.


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