[DWJ] Northern Lights movie- very slight spoilers

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 17:57:20 EST 2007

I've just been to see The Golden Compass and I must say I enjoyed it on the whole, despite some pretty drastic alterations and 'adjustments' to the plot.

It rather galloped through the book, missed lots out, squished parts together, shuffled events around and certainly dumbed the whole thing down. Also, they chose to end it sooner than in the book, but that sort of makes sense (the omitted final events lead straight into the plot of the next book, so they'll sit just as well at the beginning of the next movie if they make it). Also, as it's now (sadly) a 'family' movie, they had to have a happyish ending. However, evil woman that I am, I am pleased to report that my friend's daughter (9 or so, I think) cried with fear for most of the film- so it's not all sweetness and light. 

The daemons were OK- not too cute- I have yet to see a well-realized animated cat, though. They are always that little bit wrong. Pantalaimon as cat reminded me of a tabby Garfield.

On the plus side, the casting was excellent, Lyra was perfect, and visually it was stunning and just right. It means that I can now reread the books and recreate it in my head, but with the real plot. 

I do wonder whether a 'director's cut special extended edition' or some such will ever be available. I'd watch that. Especially with some added blood. There was practically none in the film, despite quite a bit of fighting. Even after the white polar bears fought on the white snow they- and it- remained oddly white. Hmmmm.


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