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Is rape  better or worse when it is mental as well as physical, so that 
the victim  doesn't see it as rape?  Does her perception of incest as 
normal  render the situation better?

Seems to me that situation makes it *different* from rape. *Not*  any better, 
necessarily, but a different crime. To me rape is about force  and violence, 
not about manipulation, so I wouldn't think of the situation  you describe as 
mental rape, either. It's like the difference  between having your house 
robbed and things smashed all over the place, and  having a relative who steadily 
mooches off you for years. The effect on your  finances might ultimately be the 
same to the penny, and so might the extent of  damage to your psyche, but the 
*character* of that damage would be quite  different.
Helen Schinske

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