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Fri Aug 17 12:37:41 EDT 2007

>PS I have just FINALLY read Pinhoe Egg! LOVED it!<

So did I. But we have as much of a puzzle over the ending as we have 
with Fire & Hemlock.

The Fire & Hemlock puzzle eventually came into focus, and we figured 
out what had happened (even if Polly and Thomas didn't), as well as 
what a close escape they had. But the Pinhoe puzzle still hasn't gelled 
for me.

To wit: *why* should the touch of a unicorn's *healing* horn have 
caused Gammer Pinhoe to collapse into a coma and die?

Now, I do understand that Chrestomancy taking away her magic would have 
had a major effect in any case. But Molly (the unicorn) had already 
claimed that she could heal *physical* injuries, just not magical ones. 
And she hurried to touch Gammer Pinhoe with her horn as soon as 
Chrestomancy removed her magic.

So: had Gammer Pinhoe been sustaining herself *entirely* by magic up to 
that point (as Gaffer Farleigh had?), would she have died at once when 
her magic was removed if Molly had not been there? In which case, what 
was the purpose of Molly's intervention at all? Did it fail? Why were 
we not *told* that it had failed? If it did not fail, why were we not 
given any indication of what it did do? Because it certainly doesn't 
look like any healing went on. And if Molly actually was *attacking* 
Gammer Pinhoe, then we ought to have been given some sort of indication 
of it.

It's confusing, and it doesn't seem to fit the rest of the conclusion.
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