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Fri Aug 17 10:23:46 EDT 2007

I just read this:

But I really want to agree with Deborah on this point:

*>*think one of the reasons the inner 16-year-old loves these books
*>*so much is that Bella, the heroine, is so personality-free that
*>*she basically acts as a placeholder for the reader. She doesn't
*>*have to have anything in herself, because she exists to be the
*>*in-story embodiment of the reader's obsession with her demon*
>*lover, and of the demon lover's adoration of the reader.
This is the definition of the successful romance novel, isn't it--the
vicarious experience of the main character's life.  Since I seem to have
turned into the designated apologist for unpopular or marginalized
literature, I've had to explain this to people who just don't get why
bodice-rippers are so popular.  (Why do I care what anyone thinks of a
subgenre even I don't like much?  I don't know.)  Not that I would
characterize _Twilight_ as a bodice-ripper or even a straight romance, since
there's a lot more going on, but I think this placeholder effect is at the
heart of its appeal.  It does make me wonder if Bella's character or lack
thereof was by accident or on purpose....

Melissa Proffitt

Yes, this is one of the reasons why so many are in love with Twilight, too.
Because everyone's in love of being in love with someone who's unique (or
unusual), beautiful, strong, seemingly perfect, and have a strange, but
welcoming obsession with you (and the tasty scent of your blood). As
mentioned in previous emails, I'm young enough not to have gone into a
love-relationship before. That is what makes Twilight so *prefect-
it's *like an
instant love-giving machine. Well, not literally, for the magic it does is
to your mind only. (And that's also the part I hate, for fantasy not to be
reality; being grounded just isn't fun.)

I still don't think that Bella lack's character. Yes, most people would be
able to relate with her, but they would be able to do that to only the
little bits. Bella herself is still special, for she is unpredictable. For
who would have rejected Edward's proposal, because they are afraid of being
*that *girl? Who would go for almost half a year in a zombie-ish state,
because Edward has left? True, it does got very boring after a
while, when it seems as if Bella's entire life revovled around her chosen
sun, Edward, even the characters in the book have mentioned it, too. But
that is where her personility starts showing, since the book starts when she
moved to the town of Forks and met Edward.

'Blood and Chocolate' could be compared to Twilight, I think. Maybe 'The
Silver Kiss'? ANyone interested in dong comparisons?


P.S> I'm sorry, again, for lagging so much and posting a reply to someone's
email from ages ago this month.

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