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Steffi Koh bunnisteffi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 10:06:27 EDT 2007

 I'm rather slow at reading this, so I'm replying to just a couple of
messages after mine. I suppose Twilight would seem like 'entertaining
fluff', to me, and to a lot of people, it is, well, greater than Harry
Potter (Even though it has been said that Ms Meyer doesn't like to be
compared to Ms Rowlings)

What makes me so attracted to the series, then? It's the way everything is
so detailed in it and the themes it discuss, such as the reason why a
vampire would want to give up his natural food-source, to drink only the
blood of animals, or how a vampire could control himself to the point of
being able to use his special abilities to help mankind by being a doctor,
not like some other vampire romance novels, like 'Got fangs?', or 'Vampire
Kisses' (That I've heard of). I really do love details. Somehow, I don't see
the heroine, Bella, as flat and personality-free, for she is very human.
What does 'flat and personality-free' mean, exactly, anyway?

Perhaps it is because Twilight was written in the first person perspective?
So that's why not enough of Bella could be... experienced by the reader? I
don't know. I have thought about why I can read the books over and over
again (last count, 16 times) and still want to go over it again, and the
answer's that I'm not sure why. Sure, it can get rather irritating with the
way Bella would go on about how Edward (her vampire love) is so 'perfect',
but I think that's what many girls would do. It just shows that Bella was
self-conscious about being a human, when a handsome, strong, charming
vampire would love her. It's the dialogue, and the other stories, which keep
me a strong fan of the book (Heck, I even got two copies of Twilight, made
satin covers for them, spent almost all my afternoons since June 2006 on the
Twilight Lexicon and made my parents bring me to Arizona (where Ms Meyer
lives, and were Bella was from) last December.). I suppose if one would like
smart and funny dialogues, they would choose to read Maximum Ride (by James
Patterson, a book a Twilight fan intro-ed to me), but the ones in Twilight
and its sequels are... inspiring. To me, that is.

And Twilight is a rather 'pure' series. It isn't like the Anita Blake books
(in which vampires and werewolves exist). I would read Twilight any day
rather then touch AB, really.

I don't think that DWJ's books should be compared to Twilight, for they are
both quite different. The only thing I can think of is that most of DWJ's
books that I've read so far are fantasy-based, and there's always that
sweet, sweet element of love. Plus the young people in the stories. That's
about all for the similarities. I love DWJ's books, but the way I love them
is different from the way I love Ms Meyer's books (I guess what I have is
actually called an 'obsession').

I'm afraid that this isn't a really good explanation of why I love the
Twilight series so much, but it's what I can think of right now, at 10pm, +8



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