[DWJ] Reading Aloud (and a not-OT PS)

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 08:45:27 EDT 2007

Dear Everyone who replied:

Thank you for your outflow of suggestions! Much appreciated - and no  
particular need to stop!

I was always intending to ask the residents what they'd like to hear,  
of course. My original inquiry was intended to forearm me with a  
basic set of ideas or a pool of books for the first visit. Probably I  
could have been clearer.

Meanwhile, my interest in the subject has developed ever so slightly,  
so that now I am interested in the subject for it's own sake. I enjoy  
reading out loud, and would like to know of books that are  
particularly good or lend themselves to the art. Several of the ones  
suggested sound interesting, so no change in the brief.

I wonder, do many small public libraries have 'reading out loud'  
clubs or parties or children's hour any more / at all? That might be  
fun. Anybody ever do it? I might have to ask at my local library...

Thank you all very much! I'll let you know how it goes.


PS I have just FINALLY read Pinhoe Egg! LOVED it!
PPS I spent three hours (the mind boggles) tonight watching The  
Catherine Tate show on youtube. Do I look bovvered? (thank you,  
Catherine Tate, for reminding me why I don't want to teach in a  
London public school).
PPPS Then I watched Silent Witness. I really like the background and  
theme music - all holy music and buddhist gongs! (not to mention the  
bloke - with a shave he could do a Chrestomanci, I think. There's  
another character he could play, and it's on the tip of my tongue. He  
reminds me sometimes very slightly of David Tennant. Am I raving or  
not? Anyone want to play a small game of DWJ casting?)

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