[DWJ] Listers to the Rescue... Again

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 18:48:21 EDT 2007

Pride and Prejudice is a great read-aloud - my Dad and I are doing a
best-bits read through at the moment.

Actually, next time you visit, trawl through my parent's bookcases -
most of the books have been read aloud at some point in time and
they'll be able to tell you which were most effective :)

I'd recommend Life among the Doctors, actually, but you might be
uncomfortable reading a rather lively account of venereal disease
control among troops during WWII.

When visitors came, we'd usually stop whichever book we were working
through and revert to our "classics" - Henry Lawson short stories (The
Ghostly Door, the Loaded Dog, etc), selections from Mark Twain, the
joust from Sword in the Stone, Sherlock Holmes, O'Henry etc. They're
all good short/one-off reads.


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