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Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day by Winifred Watson. I kept catching
bits of it on the World Service and was finally frustrated enough to
go and buy it. A delightful book about a woman who is a complete
misfit as a governess and accidentally stumbles into a job as
companion to a young and foolish actress (c. 1930). Very romantic in
all sorts of non-slushy ways.

On 16/08/07, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise <jenne at fiedlerfamily.net> wrote:
> > What books are *particularly* wonderful to read aloud to adults?
> It may sound obvious, but _The Hobbit_.
> Also, anything else that might remind people of their youth or young
> adulthood is often enjoyable for the older homebound population,
> according to studies. In  America, that includes things like Little
> House on the Prairie books. I don't know what the British/Aussie
> equivalents are.
> Patricia McKillip's earlier stuff comes out quite well when read aloud.
> Also, Terry Pratchett, especially Wee Free Men.
> You might consider asking the people being read aloud to what kind of
> books they prefer and go from there. Telling people what you are likely
> to read to yourself may give them ideas-- adults are unlikely to ask to
> be read children's books of their youth, but if you say you read a lot
> of children's books, they may ask for those under the guise of humoring
> you. (I'd suggest, for instance, the Borrowers.)
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