[DWJ] Listers to the Rescue... Again

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 04:34:06 EDT 2007

Dear Listers:

Well, I've no doubt it's not as urgent as all that, but I would like  
to beg knowledge from The Collective.

I've gone and done something a bit rash: I've suggested to a local  
Aged Care facility that if they want my services as a Person Who  
Reads Aloud, I'd be interested.

This evening, I realised two things: a) I won't like reading swear  
words or sex scenes aloud and b) I've very little idea of what's best  
in foreign genres.

So: What can I use as a starting pool of books, which will appeal to  
a wide, elderly audience and which will either contain nothing  
offensive or will be easy to skip over the offensive bits?

What books are *particularly* wonderful to read aloud to adults?

So far I've thought of:

Classics, like 'To Kill a Mockingbird' or 'Pride and Prejudice' or  
anything Victorian.

I dreamed of Jasper Fforde and Douglas Adams, and maybe - just maybe  
- Harry Potter (because it *is* so good to read aloud)... then I had  
visions of a sea of blank, uncomprehending stares, and a voice at the  
back saying, politely, "Magic... it is a bit silly, isn't it?"

That's when I said, "Wait! I have other brains I can use!" and  
thought how wonderful, and wonderfully literate, you all are.

Pretty please...



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