[DWJ] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - (spoiler warning)

Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
Tue Aug 14 03:17:00 EDT 2007


HP7 confirmed something I had suspected about Dumbledore for the last few
books: he is just as ruthless in his way as Voldemort and just as willing to
use people, even to use them to destruction. The main difference is that D
didn't kill for fun. When Snape asked D to protect Harry, D's reply was as
brutal as anything V might have said: "what will you give me in return?"
*Not* what Snape expected of D. From S's point of view, he was serving D in
order to buy D's protection for H.

Interesting that S and D were so much alike: both made disastrous mistakes
in their youth and spent the rest of their lives trying to set things right.


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