[DWJ] dark is rising trailer

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Mon Aug 13 12:58:56 EDT 2007

So I try not to get het up about book adaptations to movies,
because they are different media, with different needs. But...
this one is just too much.  The trailer for Dark is Rising *hurts
my soul*.  And I don't even like the book.


Let's forget about an American Will Stanton, because ultimately
that doesn't matter so much. Let's forget about the producers
having chosen to remove all of the Arthurian content from the
books, because I can't actually wrap my brain around that one,
as it's rather like removing all the sibling rivalry from
Archer's Goon or all of the jokes about epic quest fantasy from
Dark Lord of Derkholm.

Let's just look at their characterization of Will Stanton. It's
almost like Merriman was looking for somebody to help in his epic
quest against the Dark and accidentally picked the wrong kid
named Will Stanton.

It doesn't help that the trailer, in certain moments, is
practically plagiarizing the trailer for Fellowship of the Ring.

At least they changed the name of the movie. Maybe this is their
recognition that they are writing an original story that isn't an
adaptation at all?

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