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Reminds me of that delightful (apocryphal) story about Captain James Cook.
Somebody came up with the theory that scury was caused by lack of fresh
fruit/veg and could be avoided in Royal Navy ships by making the sailors
drink lime juice or similar regularly. Cook was ordered to test this theory
on his ship but the sailors hated the lime juice and refused to drink it.

Cook solved the problem by putting a barrel of lime juice on the quarterdeck
and labelling it "for officers only".

Every man on the ship made it his business to get some: officers because
they were allowed it, other ranks because they were not allowed it.

No more scury.

Apocryphal but I wish it were true!


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On Thursday 09 August 2007, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:

> You don;t *tell* a child something is fun. 

Except by making it very clear that *you* like it (provided you do, of
they see through every pretension). 


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