[DWJ] selling books online and other things

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Tue Aug 7 18:46:00 EDT 2007

A while back I said I was thinking about setting up an online bookselling
"business" and got some replies about how some people had done it,
particularly one person whose name I've forgotten with links to their own
listings on eBay.  I'm now ready to take this idea seriously, and I'd like
any advice or input all y'all have on the subject.  I've done some initial
research, but I think it would help to find out what people's actual
experiences have been.  (I freely admit that I use the brilliant members of
this list to make up for the times I don't feel like digging on my own.  You
know you do it too.  Isn't it nice to drop a question into the metaphorical
inbox, go off to take a bath or something, and find all sorts of answers
just waiting for you later?)

And I do have that last Harry Potter essay sitting unfinished somewhere, but
I have other things to think about.  My daughter's (private) school had this
idea for a summer reading list, so I have to read _Blood Meridian_ or _The
Crossing_ or some other thing by Cormac McCarthy, which sounds like work.  I
forget what else was on the list.  Wrote it down somewhere.

Also, vis a vis _Twilight_ and the other books:  I *really* appreciate the
comments by people who like Meyer's books.  The criteria for eligibility for
the literary award program I administer create a very large pool of
nominees, of which Meyer is one, which means her books are always on the
list.  I don't think it's fair on her to simply eliminate them because of my
prejudices, but I can't give the books a fair reading.  There is another
person who does some of the reading for the YA category, but I find that the
comments here are a lot more substantive.  So--thanks.

Melissa Proffitt  

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