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DWJ told me that The Ogre Downstairs was written partially *as* an
issue book to break through into what was then an anti-fantasy, pro
"relevance" market.  She still had to write Wilkins' Tooth tho  before
either Ogre or Luke were accepted.

The issue in Ogre is what we now call blended families, In 1973-5 it
was a hot topic.


On 06/08/07, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
> >Deborah wrote: DWJ writes far fewer Issue books. In fact, I'm trying to
> >think of
> >any...
> and Gili responded:
> >I'd argue that "The Ogre Downstairs" is an issue book; perhaps also
> >"Wilkin's Tooth" - but wonderfully so, of course, because she is after all
> >our very own DWJ.
> But which issues?  The only thing I can see as a big point in those is
> "other people may not be as bad as you first thought them".
> <slightly baffled noise>
> If learning to get along with other people a bit better than one might
> initially have thought one could is an Issue, are there any books that are
> *not* "Issue books" in some way?
> Minnow
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