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Mon Aug 6 11:15:45 EDT 2007

On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, Charles Butler wrote:

> Is "issue book" always and necessarily a pejorative term, I wonder? Does it
> always carry an implication of two-dimensionality and reductiveness? Can
> anybody recommend a book which they would describe as an issue book AND a
> great book? Would Aimee be happy to hear *Uglies* so described, for example?

Well, as I said earlier, "I have nothing against books with
Issues, and adore several of them, including this series. I don't
even have anything against cookie-cutter Problem Novels, as long
as they are also well written."

In general there's a lot of terms I find descriptive in stead of
pejorative. "Didactic", for example. There's a term when
discussing fan fiction called "fanon", which means "information
which never appears in the source text but which the fans have
all agreed is true"; it tends to be used pejoratively but I think
it can be quite lovely and I use the term descriptively.

Arguably this means I'm not speaking the same language as other
people when discussing literature which makes my conversations
more confusing.

(That being said, some books clearly exist as Issue books first
and foremost. Luna comes to mind. Which I like, by the way, even
though I think it's not brilliantly written.)

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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