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On Fri, 3 Aug 2007 17:07:34 +1000, LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au wrote:

>I also (interestingly) read that the sexual tension will forever remain
>tension in the novels (i haven't read New Moon), because the author is a
>Mormon and she refused to have any pre-marital sex in her books.

Not that this is universal for Mormon authors....

The main thing that irritates me is that although she refuses to include
extramarital sex in her books, she continually puts her two main characters
in situations that, were the book about sex rather than vampirism, would be
held up in her (our) church as examples of What Not To Do with the opposite
sex.  Bella practically throws herself at Edward and expects his
self-control to prevent them both from doing something they shouldn't.  Big
no-no.  So I'm less impressed about their continued chastity as a reflection
of Mormon principles; they're violating any number of other principles
already.  If Meyer is saying "it's not right to have sex before you're
married" then she's also saying "you can do just about anything else short
of intercourse."

Melissa Proffitt
(not normally this rigidly overzealous, but it IS my faith)

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