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I enjoyed the "Uglies" books too, it has been a long time since a YA SF title has interested me. I think I saw somewhere that he is to write a fourth book in the series. He is quite popular at school here. 
"Monster blood tattoo" is one I realy enjoyed and want more of. It does seem something of an introduction to series, but a series I want to read more of. It is on the short list for Children's Book of the Year but I don't think a fantasy title has actually won since Patricia Wrightson. A pity as it is the book on the shortlist I enjoyed most (I still have one to read)


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Well, I won't be the first one here to have discovered 'Uglies' by  
Scott Westerfeld. But I've recently read it, and I can't wait for  
more! (purse strings tie my hands, but soon...)

I have been wondering whether it was so good more because a) it's  
been so long since I actually *read* sci fi; b) cause it was well  
written; or c) because it was very clever and intelligent and  
believably predicted the future. Or d), which is that I really,  
really want a hoverboard! Now!

I am also wondering why it felt more self-consciously YA than, say,  
DWJ, and whether that reflects the market or the writer or simply the  
main character's POV.

I've also been enjoying (most of) Fire Watch by Connie Willis,  
courtesy of sports day at school, toilet guard/boundary duty, a shady  
tree or two, with the Doctor Who soundtrack on ipod.

Question: has anyone read Monster Blood Tattoo? Is it worth it? My  
school library doesn't have it and it sounded like the author had  
really spent time on world building.


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