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>Well, it's a book which deals with Issues (TM), and books about
Issues are much more likely to show up in either YA or science
fiction. ...

>DWJ writes far fewer Issue books. In fact, I'm trying to think of

Interesting question. I think there are a few that could be so described,
but usually only by a) a kind of metaphorical shift, or b) focusing on one
aspect of a book and ignoring other equally prominent aspects. As an example
of a), *Witch Week* could be said to be "about" accepting people's diversity
or more specifically (within a certain frame of reading) about homophobia.
An example of b) would be to say that *Dogsbody* is "about" anti-Irish
racism. Or you could get a) and b) together, by saying that *Dark Lord* is
"about" the ecological effects of Western tourism on third-world countries.

Yet I agree that these positions, while not completely untrue, are
overstatements that do little to convey what those three books are actually
like in the reading.


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