[DWJ] Twilight and New Moon (Was: Discussing now: What?)

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Fri Aug 3 04:47:52 EDT 2007

Lili concluded:

> I have come to the conclusion that [Twilight] was a quite dreadful
> novel which contained some absolutely brilliantly stunningly perfect
> sexual tension.
> I also (interestingly) read that the sexual tension will forever
> remain tension in the novels (i haven't read New Moon), because the
> author is a Mormon and she refused to have any pre-marital sex in her
> books.

Good for her!  I like books without pre-marital sex.  It makes a
pleasant change!  Some authors seem to feel bound to include it in any
romance, simply because it's the norm these days.  But since when has
the norm ever been the only possibility?

On the other hand, unresolved tension is not the only possible outcome.
Nancy Springer wrote several books in which all the sex scenes happened
within marriages.  It made me seek out more of her books to read, until
I got fed up with her style.

At the other end of the scale for sexual tension is Stephen Lawhead's
"In the Hall of the Dragon King" (in which, FWIW, none of the action
actually takes place in the eponymous hall).  Several male characters
are incarcerated for weeks in the hold of a ship with the young and
attractive queen, and there is no sexual tension at all.  Lawhead
appears to be trying to preach a Christian message, although it looks
more unitarian to me, but either way it's no excuse for that sort of
implausible scenario!

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