[DWJ] Discussing now: What?

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Aug 1 14:09:22 EDT 2007

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 16:23:25 +0800, Steffi Koh wrote:

>It's been ages since I've last mailed. The previous several posts were all
>about Harry Potter. Or mostly. It isn't that I'm not interested in
>Harry, I've even did my best to finish Book 7 (in 10 hours), but the
>discussions about the previous books are so *lengthy, *so I didn't feel like
>saying anything. And the subject previous to that was a book by another
>author, I think.
>Anyway, Harry Potter 7. Is it being discussed right now? If not, what is?

Please, don't take all that discussion as a cue for what's allowed or
currently scheduled.  We talk about anything and everything that people are
reading, even if it's not related to DWJ.  We also go through dead periods
where it seems as though nobody is even subscribed to the list.  My own fear
is that the reason I'm not getting any mail is that I was accidentally
dropped myself--that happened to me back in 2000 and I didn't figure out the
truth for a good five months.  So please, talk away.  I get most of my new
book recommendations from this list because people like to talk about them.

I've posted about Harry Potter from the purely selfish reason that I had
this project in mind and I had nowhere else to put these reviews.  Creating
my own site or blog is...impractical for me right now, and yes I realize
that blogging these days is easier than sneezing into a hanky, but if I did
it, I'd feel obligated to continue with reviews, and that thought makes me

Melissa Proffitt

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