[DWJ] Discussing now: What?

Steffi Koh bunnisteffi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 04:23:25 EDT 2007

It's been ages since I've last mailed. The previous several posts were all
about Harry Potter. Or mostly. It isn't that I'm not interested in
Harry, I've even did my best to finish Book 7 (in 10 hours), but the
discussions about the previous books are so *lengthy, *so I didn't feel like
saying anything. And the subject previous to that was a book by another
author, I think.

Anyway, Harry Potter 7. Is it being discussed right now? If not, what is?

*I suppose I am just expressing what every fan of every fad the Earth
has to offer knows by instinct - a pleasure shared is a pleasure
embiggened. Which is why we have fandom to begin with. Community and
all that. Connectivity with people.*

I agree. Since was... 9, I think, I've been joing forums to discuss about
books and the Sims 2. My very first forum was Sheroes Central (By Tammy
Pierce and Meg Cabot). Was so very excited about Tammy Pierce's Tortallan
books, then. Still am, anyway, but the fire's half-put out already.

My current favourite (book, again.) is the Twilight, also it's sequels, by
Stephenie Meyer. Since last year, I'd been frequently posting on the
Twilight Lexicon. Sadly, I've been rather busy, so I've more or less stopped
this fan-forum thing. Which also explains why I haven't been replying to the
DWJ mailing list. And Eclipse, the Twilight-verse third book is coming out
in 5 days! Hurray!

No idea why, but this entire mail sounds/looks random. Maybe that's because
you guys really are talking about Harry Potter, and this is one of the odd
one outs.


P.S. Any news about THE HOUSE OF MANY WAYS, yet? I can't believe it'll only
be out in 2 years time.

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