[DWJ] Now a major television series...

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon Apr 30 21:16:49 EDT 2007

I didn't enjoy the Hogfather adaptation (but then I don't like
Pratchett, so why was I watching it in the first place? It's a
mystery. Well, okay, it was misguided fannish solidarity: 'Look! New
fantasy on the telly at Christmas!')

I usually get fits of casting *Charmed Life* when I see American
movies with awesome child actors: I'm woeful that Dakota Fanning is
probably already too old for Gwendolen. That boy out of *The Sixth
Sense*, who is not called Joely Richardson... ::googles:: Haley Joel
Osment... would have been okay as Cat. It just goes to show that
Hollywood has very different priorities from me; if I was the king of
films, I would hang around waiting for two child actors who could play
Cat and Gwendolen to be the right age at the same time, and then
IMMEDIATELY start making the movie. There's always *someone* who could
play Chrestomanci; the children are going to be the hard part. And yet
so many good child actors are just allowed to go past, making other
films. WHAT A WASTE.

Jason Isaacs for Chrestomanci, more in his Mr Darling/Louis Ironson
modes than his Captain Hook/Lucius Malfoy ones: but think of the
effect of knowing all that flamboyance was there in reserve. (And
Christopher works best when he's allowed to be bumptious.)

The only DWJ TV adaptation I know of is *Archer's Goon*. It fell in my
years-without-a-telly, though, so I never saw it - I think I heard
from this very list that there are pirate copies around for sale on
the internet (the BBC never released it), but I never quite make up my
mind to get them.

Love, Ika

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