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Thu Apr 26 02:19:12 EDT 2007

>From Dark Lord of Derkholm:

     Querida gave a hissing chuckle.  "That's cats for
     you!  Mine do that , too, and as far as I know,  
     they're just ordinary cats....

And I think Mintchoc is an ordinary cat, that has
ordinary cat instincts (at least according to the
conventions) about good 'uns and badduns.  Like dogs
in romance novels who like the hero, even if he seems
nasty at first.

--- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at eircom.net> wrote:

> Susanna said...
> > Sally Odgers wrote:
> >>Are there any cats that are just... cats?
> >
> > Doesn't Polly's Granny have a cat named Mintchoc? 
> I don't recall any 
> > supernatural powers ascribed to Mintchoc...but
> obviously she's the 
> > exception among DWJ cats.
> *Granny* ascribes supernatural powers to Mintchoc;
> she says at one point 
> that Mintchoc is a good judge of people and wouldn't
> go near Tom Lynn the 
> first time he came to her house (bringing Polly back
> after the funeral) but 
> on a later occasion (when he came to the School
> Sports) she sat on his knee 
> (which signified to Granny that he was getting free
> of Laurel at that 
> point).
> But DWJ says nothing more about Mintchoc's
> supernatural powers or lack 
> thereof; the reader is left to decide whether
> Granny's assertions mean 
> anything or are just based on her own prejudices.

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