[DWJ] Sex/gender (was Any number of threads and... somethingelse....)

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Mon Apr 23 22:43:28 EDT 2007

On Apr 23, 2007, at 8:34 PM, Juliette Curtis wrote:

> The females of some lizard species can give virgin birth and such 
> offspring
> are always male. The mother might then mate with one of her offspring 
> if
> there are no other males available.
> A large lizard (monitor? Komodo dragon?) in an Australian zoo recently 
> gave
> virgin birth. It was the first time this phenomenon had been observed 
> in
> this species.

Yes.  It's called parthenogenesis.  There was a quite a stir around
Christmas because several lizards were doing the "virgin birth"

Has anybody else read "Gibbon's Decline and Fall"?  Or, for that
matter, "Herland" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman?


If they can get you asking the wrong questions,
they don't have to worry about the answers.

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