[DWJ] Asking again...

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Apr 23 05:44:21 EDT 2007

>Thanks, Hallie. I'm not sure who is who, apart from the obvious bride and
>groom. What gorgeous outfits! I absolutely love the dresses.

Aren't they wonderful?  Dorian's mother designed them, and made 
Dorian's, mine and Catherine's - using inspiration from a Renaissance 
painting.  It's a pity you can't see Dorian's dress without jacket as 
well as with.

To identify a few more people in the wedding party - at the high 
table, from the left of the photos:  Martin (identifiable as a LARPer 
as well as officiating minister by his long ponytail!), Catherine 
(Patrick's sister - being kissed by Patrick behind the table flower 
arrangement, which explains that photo), Sue, me, Dorian's mother 
Daphne, father Howard, Dorian & Pat, Pat's mother, Fr Robert (family 
friend, gave the sermon), Stu (Patrick's brother and best man), Paul 
and Ads.


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