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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 21 16:29:09 EDT 2007

>On Apr 21, 2007, at 10:47 AM, Minnow wrote:
>> Speaking for myself, I still find the four or five of his works I ever
>> did
>> find re-readable just as re-readable now.  Speaking for the family, we
>> have
>> recently had a necessary book-purge (so many books, not enough
>> bookshelves)
>> and the collection of William Mayne we had, apart from the four Choir
>> School books -- which were anyway the only ones we had collectively
>> bought
>> in hardback rather than paperback -- seems to have been put onto the
>> "reject" pile by everyone in turn.

Otter exclaimed:

>There are *FOUR* Choir School books??!!!!
>I only know of two, one of which -- A Swarm in May -- is one of
>total favorites of all time.  The other I know of is Choristers Cake.
>[I can't remember if that's a possessive and, if so, if it's singular
>or plural.]

*A Swarm in May*  (1955)
*Choristers' Cake*  (1956)
*Cathedral Wednesday*  (?)
*Words and Music*  (1963)

but after my confident assertion that we had four Choir School books, I
find that we don't, because the fourth hardback Mayne on the shelf is not
*Cathedral Wednesday* but *The Twelve Dancers*, and that is neither a
must-re-read for me nor a Choir School book.

*A Swarm in May* is wonderful, I wasn't quite as keen on *Choristers'
Cake*, and I think I'm about to re-read *Words and Music*. <grin>  It
starts well, with Dubnet, Owen and Iddingley running a spaceship in the
smallest dormitory, and Crew not yet back after having had first mumps and
then "weakness" but due to occupy the fourth bed when he does reappear.

See you later.


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