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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 21 12:47:48 EDT 2007

Sallyo wondered:

>BTW, how do we collectively feel about William Mayne's work now? He was a
>British fantasist of the same general period... and was muchly admired by
>the cognoscenti  until his fall from respectability and personal

Speaking for myself, I still find the four or five of his works I ever did
find re-readable just as re-readable now.  Speaking for the family, we have
recently had a necessary book-purge (so many books, not enough bookshelves)
and the collection of William Mayne we had, apart from the four Choir
School books -- which were anyway the only ones we had collectively bought
in hardback rather than paperback -- seems to have been put onto the
"reject" pile by everyone in turn.  I don't think this had anything much to
do with his private life, but more to do with not having re-read any of
them for some years.

Of Charlie's chosen authors, the Dark is Rising books (but not the others
by Cooper), the Weirdstone, the Moon of Gomrath and Elidor (but none of the
others by Garner) and the two Livelys we have ever owned (The Wild Hunt of
Hagworthy and Astercote) still seem to be on the shelves; of DWJ's work,
one copy of each and two or three copies of many of her books are still in
the house, the latter partly because they are in different rooms and the
private collections of at least two of the children and partly because we
have been given new editions occasionally for the covers or because the
older copies had become battered beyond belief but we can't throw away the
previous,signed copies.


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