[DWJ] Sex/gender (was Any number of threads and... something else....)

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sat Apr 21 11:09:58 EDT 2007

Ika Willis wrote:
  > The sex/gender distinction was first developed in feminist thought as
> a conceptual tool to think about the ways in which particular
> behaviours and appearances were 'gendered' masculine or feminine in
> any particular culture, 

What happened was, lots of Americans objected to the Equal Rights 
Amendment proposal, based on the word 'sex'.  They felt that 'sex' meant 
more than equal work for equal pay, and they didn't want to support the 
amendment if it meant equality for the 'differently sexed'.  After that, 
the word 'gender' was adopted into the 'differently sexed' rainbow of 
meanings to give everyone an alternative.

--Mark A.

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