[DWJ] Sex/gender (was Any number of threads and... something else....)

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Fri Apr 20 23:02:01 EDT 2007

> The term 'gender' has also become more and more common because of
> Judith Butler's hugely and joyously productive deconstruction of the
> difference between sex and gender in *Gender Trouble*

I love what we've learned from Gender Trouble, and it's a
groundbreaking and hugely important work, but I find it
aweinspiring that anyone can find "joyously productive
deconstruction" in Butler's incredibly dense prose.  I read two
pages of that book and need both a dictionary and a nap. (I
understand why, as she was inventing a whole new theoretical
field, but still.)

> ObDWJ: gender is probably talked about more than sex when it comes to
> fictional characters, too, because fictional characters are made of
> language, not of biological material, so they don't really have a sex.

Maybe because I'm so tired, but I now have this wonderful image
of characters actually made of language, the metaphor made real,
ala the Mu Lan myth as I learned it in Kingston's _A Woman
Warrior_.  Doesn't this happen somewhere in DWJ?  Paper people
made out of spells, or something like that?  Who go all soft and
floppy in the rain?

...No, I'm thinking of something else.  What *is* that?   It
happens in one of the Edward Eager books, I think.

"Buffy, duck."
"What duck?  There's a duck?"

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