[DWJ] Collectives

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Apr 20 12:05:32 EDT 2007

>On 20/04/07, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
>>I also have a feeling that the inhabitants of Shrewsbury ought to be
>something outside the norm of naming, but I can't imagine why I should have
>this impression.

Charlie helped me out:

>I guess you're thinking of Salopian? I know this applies to people who went
>to Shrewsbury School, and I think to people from Shropshire generally, but
>not sure about the general citizenry of Shrewsbury itself (which is already
>pronounced two different ways).

Salop, yes, that was it: the county until 1974.  And the scholars are
certainly Salopians, just to confuse anyone they can.  (Ians again:
Harrovians, Etonians, Cliftonians, but what about Rugby and Marlborough and

I've always heard it as "Shrows" rather then "Shrews" when I have been there.

>Maybe it's all of the above?

Could be, easily.

ObDWJ, Sarum for Old Salisbury, or specifically for the castle, was the
name I was half-remembering at the point at which I couldn't remember


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