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Fri Apr 20 11:09:51 EDT 2007

  Charlie offers

> Well, there are also Mancunian (Manchester), Wolfrunian (Wolverhampton),
> Cantabrigian (Cambridge) and Liverpudlian (Liverpool).

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Otter Perry wrote:
> People from Michigan are referred to collectively
> as Michiganders, usually.  People who think they are
> being too terribly cute call women from Michigan
> 'Michigeese.'

We use Cantabrigian for our local Cambridge, as well. When I was
growing up as a little Jewish girl, people who thought they were
being terribly cute called people from Michigan "Meshuggenas"
(Yiddish for "crazy people").

The other "-er" endings I can think of all come from English city
names (New Yorker, Lynner). People who go to the college Bryn
Mawr are called Mawrters; I'm not sure what people from the town
are called. The joke aside, it's actually a sensible consonant
infix to make the sound work in order to add an English-language
suffix to a Welsh word.

I can't think of standard suffixes (or even suffixes at all) for
many of the towns around here with Algonquin or Wampanoag
etymologies (Swampscott, Scituate, Agawam).

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