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> Some peoples around the world have oral traditions
> that they were once of the ten lost tribes.  Someone
> told me recently that a Japanese man told him that the
> name of the Mikado of Japan comes from mi-Gad (meaning
> from Gad, one of the lost tribes). I have no way of
> knowing if this is true, but it is a cool idea.

One of the things that people who lived in North America
in the 18th and early 19th centuries seemed to be easily
convinced of was ... [that's just the introduction to this

that the Native Americans were one or more of the
Lost Tribes.  I can remember that the Mandans
particularly were identified as a Lost Tribe by some-
body or other.  They were related to the Sioux, but
were not nomadic.

[What happened to the Mandans was
disease:  smallpox and whooping cough.  After the
smallpox epidemic in 1837, there were only 125

[If you haven't read _Guns, Germs and Steel_ by
Jared Diamond, you owe it to yourself to try.  Parts
of it are poorly written, but the subject is fascinating.
For example, the recent announcement that the dif-
ference in the size of dog breeds is attributable to
one gene comes as no surprise to those of us who
have read it.]


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