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Fri Apr 20 08:45:30 EDT 2007

I think Israelite is used to mean a descendant (direct
or spiritual, by conversion) of Israel/Jacob, in other
words, a Jew.

Israeli means a citizen of the State of Israel, many
of whom are not Jews.

The lost tribes of Israel were a part of the
Israelites up until the time that Assyria was the big
cheese in the Middle East.  Then Assyria uprooted and
scattered them.  

Some peoples around the world have oral traditions
that they were once of the ten lost tribes.  Someone
told me recently that a Japanese man told him that the
name of the Mikado of Japan comes from mi-Gad (meaning
from Gad, one of the lost tribes). I have no way of
knowing if this is true, but it is a cool idea.


Aimee wrote:
Why or when did it change from 'Isrealite' to
'Israeli'? Or is one only found in the Bible?

whereupon Minnow wrote:

Were the Israelites so called in contrast to the other
tribes that got lost, perhaps?

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