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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Apr 20 07:36:58 EDT 2007

Charlie mentioned Southmeaders:

We also have Cliftonians and Redlanders and Cothamites, which just goes to
show that Bristol has been Confused for a long time.  :-)  As far as I know
the usual term for a dweller in Bedminster is a Bemmie Pudding, but this
may just be people being rude about an area that has been Bemmie for
decades if not centuries.

And what, oh what, is someone from Shirehamton Village?

Then he asked

>But what do you call someone from Cardiff? (That's not the first half of a
>riddle - I really want to know.) And would you rather be a Newporter or a

A person from Cardiff, same as a person from Porlock, probably!  I'll ask
my tutor, who comes from Cardiff every day during term-time.  Being a Dutch
incomer, he probably won't know, but I can ask.

I think if I were from Newport I would say "I come from/live in Newport",
on the whole; I haven't ever heard either Newporter or Newportian used.

Ditto Usk, Swansea, and Haverfordwest.  I feel that someone from Fishguard
really ought to be a Fishguarder, but I'm sure they aren't.

I also have a feeling that the inhabitants of Shrewsbury ought to be
something outside the norm of naming, but I can't imagine why I should have
this impression.  Anywhere ending "-bury" ought to be some sort of -burger,
I suppose, but I wouldn't put it past this language to call them
'-burgians'.  It may even be Edinburgians rather than Edinburgers, now I
come to think of it.

It occurs to me that this 'er' ending may be not English but Germanic.
Hamburger, Berliner?  (But Hannovarian, Bavarian.)

I now have to write a limerick that starts "There was a young person from
Cardiff", and you, Charlie, are a Nuisance!  :-)

Minnow  (piscean miscreant)

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