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Charlie offers

>>It would be interesting to know if there's any rule (albeit of thumb)
>>which cities get the English '-er' ending, and which the Latin '-ian'. Is
>>simply a matter of chance, or euphony, or does it correlate with the
>>linguistic roots of the city's name?

>I suspect that saying "er" is the *English* ending might get one into
trouble with the Dubliners and the Edinburgers!  Not English, them.

Nor, for that matter, are the people of Chester Latin. What *can* I have
been thinking? (The 'burgh' bit of Edinburgh is indeed an English root,
though, isn't it?)

>Where else takes "er" for the inhabitants?  Help?  London is the only one
in England that I can think of.

Can't think of any other English cities offhand, though of course there are
*parts* of cities that use it, notably Eastenders - and in Bristol there are
Southmeaders, a word which (shortened to 'meaders') has entered the urban
dictionaries and of whom *Little Britain*'s Vicky Pollard is the best known
example. On a larger scale, there are the rivery regions that spawn
Tynesiders, Wearsiders, Merseysiders, etc.

But what do you call someone from Cardiff? (That's not the first half of a
riddle - I really want to know.) And would you rather be a Newporter or a


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