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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Apr 19 23:22:04 EDT 2007

Ros mused... Melbournian (generally, though Melbournite doesn't sound 
completely wrong)

Sally says: 

Taswegian (an oddity still seen occasionally).
Hollander??? (Is that one right, Irina?)

'Kiwi', I think, is at the same level of formality as 'Aussie', so if a
person were in a situation where they would describe themselves as an
'Australian' then probably their opposite number across the Tasman would
call themselves a 'New Zealander'.

Here in New Zealand we have Aucklanders and Wellingtonians, and (I
think?) Dunedites, but I have no idea what a resident of Christchurch
would call themselves. A recent uncomplimentary label for Aucklanders is
JAFA (acronym for Just Another F------ Aucklander). It seems to have
been adopted country-wide.

OBDWJ - The two cities that spring to my mind thinking of DWJ books
right now are Bristol in Deep Secret, and Time City, but I can't recall
the characters identifying themselves as Time Civilians or Bristolytes

Sorry - I very rudely forgot to sign my email.
Hope y'all have a nice weekend.
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