[DWJ] - A test and an apology

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Thu Apr 19 22:16:17 EDT 2007

I have the feeling that that should have been 'Melbournian', not


Melbournian (generally, though Melbournite doesn't sound completely wrong)
What about Brisbane? Perth? Cairns? Adelaide? Alice Springs?

Is a resident of Darwin a 'Darwinian'?

I guess they just get called 'residents of Cairns' and so on...

In other countries, I'm immeditately aware of 
the Viennese (interesting - you need 'the' here, which makes it plural)
Is Pekinese the word to describe people from Peking?

There are a lot of other cities for which I don't think there are generally
accepted English words to describe its residents (what an awkward sentence
that was!)...Prague. Amsterdam... Hong Kong...Zurich...Geneva...etc.

I guess that it's mainly the cities where English is spoken or where
historically the British have been active visitors where there's an English
word for residents? I don't know why there'd be 'the Viennese' but no
English word for residents of Amsterdam. Or is it just the ease of forming
the word? For instance, the 'i' at the end of Helsinki seems to make
Helsinkians feel possible, while Prague doesn't seem to lend itself so
easily to be formed in this way because of the 'ue'. So I wonder if it's
mainly the 'sound' and 'feel' of it that determines what word is used or if
any is used at all.


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