[DWJ] Naming a cat AND Where are we from?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Apr 19 17:17:13 EDT 2007

>>>Dorian E. Gray wrote:
>>>> Why do you find it odd?  It seems quite sensible to me to prevent
>>>> wild/feral cats from adding to their population.  Just killing them
>>>> seems needlessly cruel, and then you have the problem of disposing of
>>>> the corpses - I should think it's probably cheaper and simpler to just
>>>> neuter/spay them and let them go again.

>Minnow pointed out...

>> There is going to be a corpse eventually whether you do or you don't,
>> actually,

Dorian again:

>Well, of course there is.

Sorry; that wasn't meant to sound as sarky as I now see it could be taken
as being.  What was really going on was me marvelling at the way cats
manage to be so private about their deaths, even on an island like Venice
where there isn't a whole lot of wild land for them to hide in.

In fact, I find it astounding that politicians ever had dead cats thrown at
them, because finding a dead cat to throw would be a major chore.

>But what I'm thinking is that if the DSPCA were to trap stray/feral cats and
>kill them, they would then have great piles of cat-corpses on their hands
>and the problem of disposing of them.  If they neuter/spay the cats and then
>return them whence they came (as they do), the eventual corpse is not their

Indeed.  I've never encountered anyone complaining they had found a dead
cat in a place that meant they had to deal with it!

>Which may be a rather nasty way of looking at it, but when you're a
>charitable organisation with limited funds, this is the kind of thing you
>need to think about.  They can hardly bury vast quantities of deceased cats
>in their collective back garden, after all.

Somebody was telling me yesterday that these days it costs about 200 quid
to get rid of a dead horse, which seems particularly hard on someone whose
beloved pony has died.  :-(

(A horse wouldn't fit into the new small brown dustbin they are providing
for us to put meat-scraps into for them to be turned into compost.  I
suppose a cat might, just, but only with difficulty.)


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