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Thu Apr 19 11:38:18 EDT 2007

On Apr 19, 2007, at 8:19 AM, Minnow wrote:

>> [1] Ask me about the word "gender".  No, not really, don't.  But
>> consider also the word "sex", and ponder.
> I never heard anyone establishing whether a kitten/puppy/goldfish is 
> male
> or female say they are "gendering" the little creature; they always say
> they are "sexing" it.  What about the great apes and creatures like
> dolphins and whales -- are those of one or other gender, or are they 
> of one
> or other sex, in common parlance?  Has anyone happened to notice?  Can 
> it
> be that the mealy-mouthery of saying "gender" instead of "sex" applies 
> only
> when distinguishing between the male and the female of the human 
> species?

Not to open a can of worms, but

<sounds of can opener>

Sex is one's body.  Gender is what's in one's head.
They are not always the same for an individual, due
to a variety of interesting things that can happen
during pre-natal development, and for other reasons.

So, setting aside for a moment the vexing problems
of being intersexed [which is the term for people whose
bodies aren't exactly one or the other], we have
the transgendered.  And this doesn't begin to cover
the possibilities of gender.  There aren't only two,
although people who identify as transgendered
also tend to identify with the conventional gender
their body doesn't match.

If one actually has surgery to correct this birth
defect, one is a transsexual.  [The double s is
intentional; I don't know why, though.]

Laws about discrimination on the basis of sex are
much easier to write than laws about discrimination
on the basis of gender presentation.

When I went to court for my name change [because
my parents had nothing to do with the "Otter" part],
there was a woman there getting her name changed
who was an MTF.  [male-to-female]

As it happens, I know a _lot_ about the whole
sex/gender thing, but I will shut up for now.


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