[DWJ] Any number of threads (composite response)

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Thu Apr 19 11:00:01 EDT 2007

Minnow asked:

> Can it be that the mealy-mouthery of saying "gender" instead of "sex"
> applies only when distinguishing between the male and the female of
> the human species?

Nope.  Shakespeare used it of the sexual act, between amphibians.  Don't
ask me where, but something was for them "to knot and gender in".

(And don't even mention electrical connectors...)

Philip  (who wishes he had time to respond to more of the things going
on here!)

PS (various)

Favourite DWJ cat name: Mopsa, in Pinhoe Egg.  It was all I could think
of when my mother wanted to suggest Ania name her cat Nutcase, but
couldn't remember his name.  Is Nutcase descended from Throgmorton?  I
think Throgmorton must have got out a lot, during his time at the

I too think Cat will marry Marianne.  Marianne certainly approves of Cat
(compared to her relatives, which isn't saying much).  Cat's crush on
Irene?  I didn't notice it.  Is this a confusion over Julia and Janet's
crush on Jason?

Going back even further, Fowler says "Amn't" is Irish and Scottish.
Since English people don't seem to be able to say it, he recommends we
appropriate "ain't" to this use instead.  OTOH the only other place I've
met "amn't" was in a Danny Dunn book by Jay Williams, (mumble) years
ago, in which Danny was told to say "amn't I" instead of "aren't I".
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