[DWJ] Cats

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Apr 19 09:53:55 EDT 2007

Aimee wrote

>It's so funny to watch it go psycho with a piece of string, a
>cardboard box, a plastic bag or just imaginary fluff on the carpet.

The finest thing I ever saw a kitten enjoy -- and since it was Dorabella
enjoying it this is an On Topic Post, so there! -- was a potato sack.  It
was three layers of tough paper, and had contained ten pounds or more of
spuds, and Dorabella was put inside it at her own request.  It rustled
slightly.  She pounced at the rustle.  It moved, with her inside it, and of
course that produced more rustle and more pounces.  Picture to yourself a
haunted potato sack moving around the room in a series of pounces.

Every so often she put her head out to check that we were still admiring
the Great Hunter who was killing the Mysterious Rustling Creature that was
somewhere in that sack with her.

We had to try not to be laughing when her head emerged.


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