[DWJ] Cats

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Thu Apr 19 08:41:10 EDT 2007

What a coincidence - my parents and little sister have just got a  
kitten. I just spent my holiday ooh-ing and aah-ing it, remembering  
my own dear Ebony of years ago. I have a weakness for black cats.
If the kitten was black and white, my sister tells me it would have  
been called MooMoo.

The kitten is black and called Ninja. It gets called it's name less  
and less though - names have evolved like "Cat!" or Pushka or  
Puttenfoots (don't ask me why these two!).
It's *adorable* - my mother grew up knowing cats as mangy and sore- 
ridden pests, but even she has gone all maternal on the thing.
It's so funny to watch it go psycho with a piece of string, a  
cardboard box, a plastic bag or just imaginary fluff on the carpet.  
And toes. And the hems of trousers. And shadows glimpsed out of the  
corner of her eye. When surprised, she jumps a foot high, doing a  
complicated double somersault in midair which appears to twist her  
spine in three places at once, then rockets off to hide under  
furniture or in the dark recesses of a bedroom cupboard. She likes  
the sounds of her paws thundering up and down the hallways in the  
Exuberance personified!

Aimee, who is a cat lover. Obviously.

OBDWJ: What really *nice* names DWJ has given to her cats!

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