[DWJ] Doctor Who and DWJ's non-family books (was Venus As A Boy)

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Thu Apr 19 06:45:47 EDT 2007

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Ika Willis wrote:

> Deborah wrote (in reply to me):
>> Like the Doctor, just because they always have been (except in
>> that special from the 90's)?
> (Completely OT question, but I always assumed that Time Lords were
> male in all their incarnations and Time Ladies female - does anyone
> know *Who* canon well enough to confirm or deny?)

The interwebs tell me that according to the novels, it is
possible (though that was hard to find, so I'm not sure which
novel).  In the obviously non-canon Comic Relief special "Curse
of the Fatal Death", the Doctor regenerates into Joanna Lumley at
the end (after Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent,
and Hugh Grant).   None of Romana's test regenerations are male,
are they?

> And, apart
> from *Archer's Goon*, I think I like the non-family books better than
> the family books (that actually might be one of the reasons I don't
> like *Black Maria* as much as I could. Hmmm) - Or maybe I mean I
> prefer the books where there's either no family, or the family are the
> *problem* and the solution comes from outside the family: *Eight Days
> of Luke*, *Charmed Life*, *LoCC*... I quite like *Dark Lord of
> Derkholm*, though, but I suppose the family is split up/
> non-functioning throughout the course of the narrative.
> Does this make any sense to anyone else?

It does, actually, with the Archer's Goon caveat, as I find that
book immensely satisfying.  I tend to be a sucker for "family of
choice" stories in my fiction anyway (which is maybe my excuse
for being addicted to Grey's Anatomy?), so a world like Deep
Secret's or even A Sudden Wild Magic's with this chaotic horde of
people who just have to function together does give me a lot of
satisfaction.  Dark Lord might do it for me, too, partly because
Derk's family almost is a family of choice, as he brings the
non-human kids into it.  Though certainly Chrestomanci Castle
falls within those boundaries as well, so I don't think we're
experiencing quite the same reaction.

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