[DWJ] Venus As A Boy (was Naming a cat AND Where are we from?)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 02:08:35 EDT 2007

Deborah wrote (in reply to me):

> >Is there any reason, in principle, why
> > nine-lived enchanters should be male?

> Like the Doctor, just because they always have been (except in
> that special from the 90's)?

(Completely OT question, but I always assumed that Time Lords were
male in all their incarnations and Time Ladies female - does anyone
know *Who* canon well enough to confirm or deny?)

> Actually I'd find it rather
> shocking in the metaphysics of the universe if all the nine live
> enchanterers were male.  And for that matter, why do they all end
> up born in Cat's world as opposed to the others?

[various people having pointed out that there are indications that
9-lived enchanters can be female and born on any world except 11], it
looks like both of those are governmental/conventional requirements
rather than the rules of the universe...

[goes off on long tangent]

See, this is why in some ways I find *The Merlin Conspiracy* a more
satisfying follow-up to the early Chrestomanci books than  *Conrad's
Fate* and *The Pinhoe Egg* - I feel like the strand of thought about
the conflicts between magical, metaphysical and social laws/powers,
which started in the early Chrestomanci books, actually fed into *TMC*
(especially wrt Nick, Romanov and the Magids), and the thinking in the
later Chrestomanci books went off in a slightly different direction -
they're both set more within family structures, I think. And, apart
from *Archer's Goon*, I think I like the non-family books better than
the family books (that actually might be one of the reasons I don't
like *Black Maria* as much as I could. Hmmm) - Or maybe I mean I
prefer the books where there's either no family, or the family are the
*problem* and the solution comes from outside the family: *Eight Days
of Luke*, *Charmed Life*, *LoCC*... I quite like *Dark Lord of
Derkholm*, though, but I suppose the family is split up/
non-functioning throughout the course of the narrative.

Does this make any sense to anyone else?

Love, Ika

PS(1): Kyra, thanks so much for digging up the relevant bit of the DWJ
website - now I see it again, it rings a faint bell (and it turns out
that DWJ's mention of the conservatism of the Govt. on Christopher's
world was one of the things that got me started on  the need for queer
Chrestomancis to be closeted...)

PS(2): JOdel wrote:

> Now if you want to start a shipping war, *I* got a distinct impression of an
> impending Cat/Marrianne situation...

SO TEMPTED to start a shipping war! Then we can be a real
fandom!!eleventy!! lol! etc!

But all I can say about Cat/Marianne is 'huh', as I have no memory of
any interaction between them - I remember Cat's crush on whatsername,
the splendid older woman who was marrying... someone else... Looks
like I have to reread *The Pinhoe Egg*, doesn't it <g>?

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