[DWJ] Cats - on topic

shawyer at mail.utexas.edu shawyer at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Apr 18 14:55:09 EDT 2007

Katta said:
Quoting Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com>:
 > > Didn't Gladys in A Sudden Wild Magic have normal cats? A strange
> supernatural monkey thing, but normal cats. Or did they have some quirk I'm
> not remembering?

Doesn't Gladys use her cats as magical household help? When Mark first comes to
visit, it is implied that the cats organize and make the tea-tray appear,
because they pause to ask if he takes milk (or sugar?). Thus these cats are at
least slightly magical? Of course, they could be ordinary cats just being used
by Gladys for magical purpose. Or perhaps they are not magical in themselves,
neither used as magical helpers, but instead Gladys is just having fun pulling
Mark's leg: making him think that her cats are magical, just to see how he
reacts. After all, she does have the magical toilet seat that refuses to stay
up, so pulling his leg would be a Gladys-like thing to do.


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